What's It All About

What's It All About

Broadcasting LIVE every Thursday since 2004 : unscripted, uncensored & unhinged.

Join Maf & Lee for around 90 minutes of mayhem as they chat about anything and everything. No topic is taboo and no joke is too bad.

Joined by a regular entourage of live misfits listeners there's no knowing where the show will end up and what tangents it will take. So why not join us in our chatroom and exert your influence.

Although there is no script we do know that certain things will happen each show:

  • Backtrax
  • Harikaraoke
  • Tamara Sings
  • Some Music (usually a track that's piqued our interest this week)
  • Some Green Onions (because we haven't had a cease & desist yet)

But What Happens When Lee Can't Do The Show?

Well, then you get a Maf Only Music Show. A shorter show with less chat and more music (sometimes there may be a theme but mostly it's whatever has taken Maf's fancy recently).

The Cast



The eldest of the two hosts, Lee exudes maturity and ... oh...no he doesn't! He's the fast talking charmer with the groan inducing gags and an extensive line of Utility Warehouse chat.

There's certainly a lot more said when Lee's on the show. He is the man behind the website and his DJ background help give the show some professional polish



He's always there on a Thursday...doing a show wether Lee turns up or not. He has a fragile but ravenous ego that always needs your approval (blog comments, itunes reviews, facebook messages all help). He edits the show, does the shownotes and makes sure you podcast listeners get your show in a timely manner.

Fluffy & Tamara

Our favourite ladies...They have listened right from the start and have been with us almost every show. That's why they've become part of the furniture and take over when Lee and Maf have a holiday or some such. Fluffy (Beth) is a lovely mad Welsh lady and Tamara is a crazy Canadian. They're in the chatroom EVERY show (mostly). We even let Tamara sing each show in her own slot (when she can fit us into her busy schedule).

Elf Maf & Lee

Elf Maf & Lee

The self proclaimed 'saviours' of The Snug. They live in the Arctic with their entourage (Teeny Tiny T & Lil Bit O'Fluff) and their butler (Elf Pringles) and occasionally record songs for the show.

When they're not doing cover versions, they like to write spoofs of pop songs. They are extremely egotistical and seem to think they 'saved' the show...pffft!

Regular Slots

Back Trax

An occasional quiz segment where we play a snippet of a number of songs backwards and you tell us what they are (in the chatroom). Don't worry, We give you the answers after a few minutes.

Cover Version Sandwich

Take a minute from seven different versions of the same song, slap them together and then sandwich them between a minute of the original. An eight minute audio treat.


Death by bad singing? let's hope not. Maf and Lee stick on a karaoke track and have one stab at it...sometimes it passable, sometimes it's bad, either way it's entertaining (we think).

Tamara Sings

erm...It's Tamara (mentioned above) and...She sings! Sometimes, she allows Teeny Tiny T to sing instead